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Studio Lump started in 2020 by me Sofi Svensson, I am a designer and a lover  of  handcrafted textiles.  

My idea is to bring new life into hand-selected antique and vintage hometextile. Embroided and handvowen materials are base of the work, the quality and the time put in to these textiles are unimaginable. It is fantastic to work with this uniqe fabrics!  

I mostly work in natural material as linen, cotton and wool. Nice qualities to mend into something new and wearable!  

I want to make something beautiful out of our cultural heritage something unique and sustainable. Something that will last for a long time, both fashion wise and quality wise. Something comfortable and easy to use.  

Most of the materials I use are leftovers of the sorting in charityshops. Textiles that are dirty or broken and can not be sold. This is my way to save it from being destroyed for all time, Thank you for helping me by supporting Lump Studio!

I am so glad to see you here! and just let me know if you have any questions. 

Love Sofi 

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