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Corduroy wrap dress/jacket

  •  This jacket/dress is made from a tablecloth in heavy materials and with fringes. Matched togheter with vintage corduroy fabric in two colors.


    Product details: Straight sleeves. Body shaped. Closes with a belt.


    Measuments: Length: 108 cm. Waist: 49 cm. Hip: 59 cm.

    Usually fits a XS/S/M/L

    Model is a size M and L (hips) and 168 cm long.


    Material: feels like 100% cotton, hemp and wool.


    Wash: Woolwash. Avoid tearing, wash in washingbag. Wash only when absolutely necessary to extend the life of the garment.


    Made in Sweden


    Pls Note, all items are one of a kind and unique. Made from antique and vintage textiles. Due to the long life of the material it may have imperfections as stains, tears and discoloration.

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